Supporting the Paris Agreement

C2ES has been deeply involved in the United Nations climate talks for many years, producing expert analysis on issues facing negotiators, and facilitating informal dialogue among key countries.

Featured Publications

COP 27: Issues and Options for a Global Goal on Adaptation

Adaptation continues to be a high priority, and the delivery on adaptation-related topics and mandates was integral to achieving a successful outcome at COP27.

COP27: The Mitigation Work Programme & The Ministerial Roundtable

This brief outlines the steps that the UNFCCC’s Mitigation Work Programme could usefully aim for to be effective.

COP27: Considerations for a Loss & Damage Finance Facility

This paper explores options for loss and damage (L&D) finance under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – a key issue for COP27.

Our Work

International Climate Diplomacy and Engagement

C2ES regularly convenes lead negotiators to discuss key issues in the international climate negotiations. In the two years leading up to COP21 in Paris, C2ES organized the Toward 2015 dialogue to discuss options for a new climate agreement.

International Climate Diplomacy and Engagement

The Global Stocktake

C2ES is working on a project to help shape the global stocktake (GST) process by ensuring a strong focus on opportunities to scale up climate ambition. The project aims for an ambitious and environmentally effective outcome from the GST at COP28 that leverages COP28 as a forcing event to drive needed real-world action; assists countries to implement existing climate commitments; and facilitates the raising the ambition of their next round of commitments.

The Global Stocktake

Loss and Damage

Loss and damage is increasingly a reality around the world and a greater focus of attention in international climate diplomacy. C2ES is making this key issue a central part of our mission, working toward achieving an international consensus on this contentious issue – including through expert analysis, policy briefs, blogs, and convenings of key stakeholders – in a way that is effective to help the most climate vulnerable people around the world.


Loss and Damage

International Carbon Markets

C2ES has supported efforts to ensure robust rules for implementing Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which allows countries voluntarily cooperate with each other to achieve emission reduction targets set out in their NDCs. C2ES is also a member of the Executive Secretariat of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market, which is establishing a threshold quality standard for carbon credits to ensure a high-integrity voluntary carbon market and drive climate finance at scale into emissions reduction and sustainable growth.